Why Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the Third best investment destination in the world according to a 2019 study

Ease of Communication

A common language (English), geographic proximity, and cultural similarities

Rich Talent Pool

Costa Rica as one of the most highly educated countries in Latin America

Stable Business Environment

Stringent intellectual property protection laws and friendly business climate

Similar Time Zones

Efficiency, real-time collaboration, and faster time-to-market

Our Offerings

Software Development

Discover a rich talent pool in software development in Costa Rica and hire them at costs comparable to offshore locations.

Dedicated Teams

The Dedicated Team works autonomously to deliver quality, cost-effective, and project-specific solutions within budget and deadline.

IT Staff Augmentation

Businesses can hire skilled resources and certified experts to enhance their existing workforce for faster time-to-market
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Managed Cloud Services
Cloud BPO
Software Development
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